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Welcome to the home of the Slippery Rock Campground Association (SRCA). SRCA is a member-owned campground located off I-79 just four miles west of Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania. Since 1985, this campground has been the summer home for over 1,000 families.

Along with the relaxed atmosphere of family camping, our campground boasts of a variety of facilities including a recreational center, outdoor heated pool, tennis courts, miniature golf, fishing ponds, horseshoes, camp store and outdoor playing fields. A continuous schedule of activities is planned to accommodate all ages.

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View This Week hand-out for scheduled events and hours of operations.

This Weekend
No Impact Exercise Program

If you are in camp on any of these dates and times, please stop in, everyone is welcome. Committee meetings are a good way to find out what is going on in the campground and stay informed. Wear a mask when you are in areas that are marked 'Mask Required' and indoor functions. Maintain Social Distancing indoors and outdoors.
The next Board meeting is October 18, 2020 at 1 PM in the Rec Hall.
Please mark your calendars!
On April 19, 2020, the Board of Directors approved a 30-day extension to the due dates for the two remaining Sewage Line Assessment payments - July 31 to August 31 and December 31, 2020 to January 31, 2021. This action was to help those that are suffering the impact of the coronavirus either due to the illness or the effects of losing an income.
But we ask if you are able to make the payment on the original schedule to please do so. The extension of 30 days will help those in need.
If you have any questions about your balance, please give the office a call at 724-738-0402.
Please continue to practice PA guidelines by wearing a mask indoors and outdoors if in large groups. Maintain safe distancing both indoors and out.
- It is the Campground's responsibility to bring the sewage standpipe up in every members lot. As a courtesy the Board has chosen to hook everyone's trailer up to the new standpipe. We have run into situations where that pipe cannot be hooked-up 100% correctly due to the direction and the elevation of some of the campers in the campground. When this problem occurs the contractor is not allowed to alter the plumbing on an individuals trailer. It will be the owner's responsibility to correct the situation if they choose to. In that case, the plumbing contractor will attach the new lines the best way possible to the new standpipe. These members will be notified so they can inspect and decide if they want to change or leave that plumbing the way that it was connected by the contractor.

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